Welcome to the #copolitics mailbag. I’ll be taking a selection of questions from the Twitter hashtag of Colorado politics (#copolitics) and providing thoughts and insights. These questions are from the course of the last week and last week heavily focused on health care as the US Senate released their version of ACA repeal. These are actual questions from actual tweets:

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Add in the ability for people to take “personal responsibility” for their health care decisions as conservatives have been saying about the ACA repeal proposals and you can see what the Trumpcare efforts are, well, not popular. Non-politicians of all stripes know that a young child with leukemia should be treated instead of given two bad choices.

The far right is posturing to not cede any ground and dare the GOP moderates to vote against their party. The wholeness of the debate is being distorted by this posturing of a few extremists and Cory Gardner is happy to aid that distraction while he helps catastrophically disrupt our health care system with a proposal that reduces coverage, increases the cost of insurance for you and I, and gets rid of protections for pre-existing conditions.

Fundamentals matter more. Another district that is Republican-leaning (from 9-23% in the case of GA6, depending on the source) has moved left as the GOP exercises power. It’s not enough to say definitively, but the series of special elections points towards a Democratic-leaning electorate and that is something the right and left will be looking at closely in 2018.

It’s called batteries, Dick.