Welcome to the #copolitics mailbag. I’ll be taking a selection of questions from the Twitter hashtag of Colorado politics (#copolitics) and providing thoughts and insights. These questions are from the course of the last week. The first mailbag can be found here. These are actual questions from actual tweets:

This is an important point. The bumper sticker/headline era of politics doesn’t really care for the context that comes in the bodies of articles and invites the outrageous takes instead of the intelligent ones. The headlines are what are being shared and Clickhole beautifully exemplifies it in the comedic space.

I’m sure that there is ideological argument that you are trying to setup to win, but you can also point to the importance of investment in alternative fuels, increased fuel standards, and the future on economy instead of the past ways.

We should gather more information, but the pointless speculation that some trolloperatives are using that those withdrawing their registrations have something to hide is partisan fear-mongering and an attempt to delegitimize our democracy that should be rejected by all.

A few people asked the same question. All evidence points to the answer of party, unfortunately.