Welcome to the #copolitics mailbag. I’ll be taking a selection of questions from the Twitter hashtag of Colorado politics (#copolitics) and providing thoughts and insights. The first two mailbags can be found here. These are actual questions from actual tweets:

We’ll be waiting for some time.

It’s really sad how “law and order” conservatives run away from the law and the order parts as soon as it conflicts politically for them. The lack of intellectual honesty is and has over the last couple of generations of conservative thought eroded to the point that lies and dismissal of facts are accepted in the political discourse of the right. That has extended to ideas and proposals. Obamacare can and should be improved. Yet, after 7 years of sloganeering “repeal and replace” the GOP doesn’t have a single workable replacement idea. Generally, the GOP has been bereft of ideas that improve the US over the last decade and when people like Paul Ryan are held up as wonks, well, that’s not the brightest light shining.

Sinclair is scary on a lot of different levels if the merger with Tribune goes through because Denver will be subjected to the conservative propaganda. It may also fracture the conservative TV ecosystem in a way that Blaze and others have failed with the purported talks with Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

I don’t want to dismiss this idea out of hand, but the enterprising and dedicated use of taxes in Colorado is problematic because it leaves unpopular but necessary functions underfunded. A bike tax would continue a very bad trend.

Yeah, we have no reason to think he isn’t serious. We shouldn’t dismiss him or his being utterly unprepared for the role. We have to continuously highlight the latter, even over here in Colorado.

Democracy, it’s apparently not for everyone.