When Bon Iver released For Emma, Forever Ago, the world was a different place. The simple far away Wisconsin cabin didn’t know it would become part of folk’s lore.

It was an album for the heartbroken.

Then Bon Iver released a self-titled album that went to another place, another level. That album, wandering and wondrous, is an all-timer. It was released 5 years ago and it was an album to be in love with.

This year, Bon Iver followed up with 22, A Million. It is an album that requires a review in some sense or another, but it’s not an album that elicits a response in the same way that Bon Iver’s first or second.

The album is good, but lacks a strong and lasting emotional reaction to it. Time will probably be kind to the album in a way similar to 808s & Heartbreak, but 22, A Million will be not compare to the preceding Bon Iver albums.