I founded a music site many years ago. I drifted away from it and it wasn’t maintained. The lapse of focus allowed for some foreign hackers to take advantage and as I thought about returning to it, there wasn’t the ability to log in, let alone write.

The choice was made for me then and I put aside the thought again.

But in the back of my mind, I kept wanting to go back. I decided that I should start anew. That website was a music blog that doubled as a diary. I have a variety of interests that I couldn’t quite indulge in the format. I will hopefully explore that on this site.

I haven’t returned to going to concerts at the same rate as the old days, but this post is a throwback to that site, 1146 miles. The song My Girl & Me in ’93 by Lucero inspires the title and weaves into the rest of the story. I went and saw Jason Isbell and Lucero at Red Rocks in Colorado. Lucero closed their set with this song. I sat and listened alone. There were strong winds across the top of the amphitheatre where I was and lightning in the distance.

I was sure I felt something, but wasn’t sure what. I listened over and over to this song afterwards. I hung onto the words. And I just wanted to let it play out one more time. Sometimes that’s the start of something new.