When elected Republicans take power, they prioritize political and economic suppression, including voter suppression, gerrymandering, and union-busting (Wisconsin). Then they destroy the capacity of government to work for and help workers and their families (Michigan). Finally, they turn the government into an ATM for the wealthy, including tax cuts and corporate welfare (Kansas). There is a clear procession of Republican outcomes and each aforementioned state is at different in the process of redistributing money from the poor, working, and middle classes to the wealthy.

When elected Republicans lose power, they attempt to move the goal posts and dilute the power of incoming Democrats (North Carolina). The antics in North Carolina pulled back the curtain for those that did not fully appreciate the electeds of the modern Republican Party–they practice politics at all costs and then pursue policy. That’s how you end up with Donald Trump as a nominee. National Democrats have failed to adapt to the the political landscape in a number of ways and have clung to old norms and priorities.

In order to win, Democrats must do the exact opposite of elected Republicans in Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, and North Carolina.

Voting rights must be prioritized, policies must strengthen the ability of working people to organize, mobilize, and unionize, government services to help all citizens must be bolstered (“Make the Post Office Great Again”), and our government must actively pursue policy to prevent a landed gentry and American aristocracy. Colorado offers the opportunity to be a template for the rest of the country.

In Colorado, two ways Democrats can combat Donald Trump-led Republicans:

  1. Strengthen participatory democracy by automatic voter registration and
  2. Providing postage-paid mail ballots

There are many priorities for different constituencies and they are important to advocate and fight for, but these two things strengthen our democracy, especially in the face of forced erosion measures by anti-democratic Republicans officials, and they must be a common purpose and high priority for Democrats across the country. Colorado Democrats have the opportunity to fight for these and once again be an example for the country.